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We have two fee structures here at Property Tax Reduction Services. But before we explain the fee structures, we'd like to emphasize again that if we don't reduce the appraised value of your property, you pay us nothing!

If your property has a capped value (sometimes called a value limitation), the fee will be 1.4% of the reduction in the appraised value. (If you're unsure if your property has a capped value, we suggest you contact the Appraisal District to find out. Their phone number is (210) 224-8511, or you can use the link provided and look up your property on their web site.)

If your property does not have a capped value, the fee structure is 50% of any tax savings for that year. Most properties fall in this fee structure, so let's take a look at how that works first.

Fee Structure for 50% of Savings

Lets say that at the start of the property tax season, the Appraisal District values your property at $100,000. We protest this value in your behalf, and get the appraisal down to $93,000. That means that because of the work we performed for you, your tax base will be $7,000 less than if we had not gotten you a reduction. We will then take the $7,000 and multiply it by whatever tax rate is applicable for your property. Keep in mind that the tax rate will vary depending on the exact location of your property. The tax rates from city to city and school district to school district can vary a great deal. For illustrative purposes, we'll use a tax rate of 3%. So, $7,000 times 3% equals a tax savings of $210. Our fee is half the savings, so you'd be getting an invoice from us of $105.

Preliminary appraisal value $100,000
Final appraisal value $93,000
Amount of reduction $7,000
Tax rate 3%
Tax savings $210
Our fee-half of savings $105

*Please note that we never mentioned anything about last years appraised value or the amount of the actual taxes you paid last year. The savings is based on what you would have paid if we had not gotten you a reduction, NOT on what you paid last year.

Fee Structure for 1.4% of the Reduction

This fee structure is quite simple to compute. Using the same reduction we used in our previous example, we simply multiply the $7,000 reduction times 1.4%, and our fee comes out to be $98.

Preliminary appraised value $100,000
Final appraised value $93,000
Amount of reduction $7,000
Fee structure 1.4%
Our fee $98

While the 1.4% fee structure may seem like the better deal, you must keep in mind that because of the exemptions or capped value on your property, your reduction may be too small to save you any money in the current tax year.

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