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Sign Up For Services  

If you'd like to sign up for our services, we've provided two easy ways for you to choose from. You can either download the forms or simply give us a call.

1. Download the forms.

The quickest way is to just go to the three links provided below, print the forms, and then fill in all the information you can.

The first form is the Fee Agreement. This form is our contract with you, so please read it carefully. (If you'd like to see an example of how our fee structures work, you can review the information contained in the Pricing tab.)


The next form is the Appointment of Agent Form. We must show this form to the Appraisal District, signed by the owner, to prove that we are authorized to represent you in property tax matters. This form can only accommodate four properties, so if you have more than four properties just complete as many Appointment of Agent Forms as necessary.

The last form is our Property Information Worksheet. This information helps us know what condition your property is in and is very valuable in trying to determine an appropriate value. You need to fill out one of these forms for every property you're signing up.

When you've completed filling out the forms, sign them and either fax them to us at (210) 523-5586, scan and email them to or mail them to us at:

Property Tax Reduction Services
5505 Grissom Road, Suite 114
San Antonio, TX 78238-3038

When we receive them, we'll give you a call to confirm that we've received your forms and are ready to represent you in property tax matters!

2. Give us a call.

If you'd like to talk to a real live person, we still do that too! Call us at (210) 523-5522. When you call us, we'll ask for the information we'll need to know to help you get your property taxes as low as possible. With this information, we'll prepare the necessary forms that you'll need to look over and sign, scan, and email.

To help our telephone conversation go smoothly, please be prepared to share the following information with us:

First, we'll need some information about you, the owner:

  • Owner's name as it appears on county roles
  • Your name, if different
  • Home phone number
  • Work phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Fax number, if you'd like us to fax you the paperwork
  • Your complete mailing address

Next, we'll need the following information on each property you want to sign up:

  • Property address
  • Subdivision the property is in, if you know it
  • The date you purchased the property (If you purchased the property within the last three years, it would be very helpful to get a copy of your HUD-1 Settlement Statement.)
  • The purchase price (Only if you purchased the property within the last three years.)
  • Terms of the purchase. For instance, FHA loan, VA loan, owner carry, etc. (Only if you purchased the property within the last three years.)
  • Is there an in-ground pool on the property?
  • Any other information about your property that you believe would effect it's value. This information could include foundation problems, termite infestation, other structures on the property, recent renovations, gold plated fixtures (just kidding about the gold fixtures, but you get the idea).

Once we've got all this information, we'll prepare the necessary forms and mail or fax them to you for your signature.

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